Framework Class Library Extension

All the .NET code I ever posted here contributed directly to a library I am working on, which I dubbed “Framework Class Library Extension“. The library contains highly reuseable classes I find to be missing in .NET’s FCL, hence the name FCL Extension. Every time I write something which I feel would be useable in any .NET project, I add it to this library.

I added a page to this blog containing an overview of the biggest features which can be found inside the library, and link to relevant blog posts.

The library can be downloaded through github. I decided to release it under the permissive MIT license, so basically all I want is some recognition for the work I put into it, or even better get some feedback.

Author: Steven Jeuris

I have a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction and am currently working both as a software engineer at iMotions and as a postdoc at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). This blend of research and development is the type of work which motivates and excites me the most. Currently, I am working on a distributed platform which enables researchers to conduct biometric research 'in the wild' (outside of the lab environment). I have almost 10 years of professional software development experience. Prior to academia, I worked for several years as a professional full-stack software developer at a game development company in Belgium: AIM Productions. I liked the work and colleagues at the company too much to give up entirely for further studies, so I decided to combine the two. In 2009 I started studying for my master in Game and Media Technology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, from which I graduated in 2012.

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