Terms like ‘misinformation’, ‘fake news’, and ‘echo chambers’ permeate current discussions on the state of the Internet. I believe a lack of technological support to evaluate, contest, and reason about information online—as opposed to merely disseminating it—lies at the root of these problems.

Exploring whether we can do better, I created Socratrees, a website for collaborative argumentative discussion targeting layman users. In this project, I prototype user interactions with argument technology with the aim of balancing ease of use with the complex nature of structured argumentation.


The design rationale and results of a first evaluation can be found in a paper, Socratrees: Exploring the Design of Argument Technology for Layman Users (arxiv preprint). Having failed to publish or attract funds for this project in academia, this will now remain a hobby project I collaborate on with others at the Canonical Debate Lab.

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